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The Biggest Financial Planning Mistake You And Your Divorce Attorney Could Be Making

The Biggest Financial Planning Mistake You And Your Divorce Attorney Could Be Making

| June 05, 2018

Ending a relationship is never fun, but ending a marriage can be heart-rending. You are mourning not only the loss of the relationship but also the future that the two of you planned. It is a gut-wrenching time when emotions are high, thus it is easy to make long term financial mistakes when you may not be in your clearest mindset.   

In this post, we will look at how you might be wrecking your financial future by not hiring a certified divorce financial analyst.

Failing To Hire A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Divorce is about divvying up the financial assets, about each party getting their fair share. If there are kids involved, it is also about custody and visitation rights. But if you thought it was just about who got the house and who got the car, you were mistaken.

Each partner needs to come to terms with what their new roles will be financially. If you start off by getting in a certified divorce financial analyst, divorce proceedings are bound to end up being more equitable. A divorce planner can help you both to understand the implications of splitting the assets, liabilities, and possible tax consequences.

It is especially helpful in the case of protracted or overly-complex proceedings and allows each party to make informed decisions, rather than just shooting from the hip.

You might be happy to give your spouse whatever they want just to be free of them emotionally now, but this is not always the best move financially.

Financial Planning Expertise

How difficult could it really be? You might believe that the two of you are going to handle things in a civilized manner, and that could very well be the case. However, if you don’t fully understand the financial implications of each move, how do you know if you are making the right decisions?

You might trust that your spouse will do the right thing, but can you be sure they will? It is only during settlement negotiations that you will start to see what their true colors are. When it comes to drawing up and assessing settlements, you will be glad of the financial divorce adviceand tools a pro can give you.

Getting these details sorted out ahead of time will actually save you money during proceedings. You will be better educated about what your needs are and won’t need to constantly find clarity on issues laid before you.

Let Your Lawyer Focus On Their Specialty

The most important benefit of starting financial planning before divorce is that it gives your lawyer time to focus on what they do best. And that is extremely important when it comes to the more acrimonious or complex cases.

A professional financial planner and divorce analyst can let you know what your needs will be going forward and so give your lawyer a basis to work out a reasonable settlement agreement on. You don’t have to rely on guesswork and hope that you are going to get your fair share – you will have facts.

The dispassionate advice given by your planner is going to go a lot further toward swaying a judge should one be needed to settle disputes.

Your lawyer and financial planner working together are a powerful team. This can help you not just now but also in the future. The attorney can advise you on what you are legally entitled to and the financial planner can help you make sure that you get the best possible benefits from the settlement.

Together they will be able to help you get the most favorable outcome – one that makes sense both legally and financially.

Financial Planning You Can Trust

In a perfect world, everyone would live happily ever after and there would never be any need to face off against a once much-loved spouse. We don’t live in a perfect world, so we cannot guarantee that you will get your happy ending.

What we can do, however, is to make sure that you get the right advice at a time when you need it the most. We can work with you to ensure that your divorce does not derail all your future plans financially.

With years of experience in dealing with these trying situations, we can help you get through the divorce with your dignity intact.  Our simple divorce financial planning checklist ensures that we understand the full picture before we draw up a plan that will work for you.

Our professional consultants will draw up a realistic plan and give you advice that you can trust. If you are looking for a company that is going to make unrealistic promises, and encourage you along a path that will ultimately end in financial disappointment, pass us by.

We don’t sugarcoat the situation and make pie in the sky promises. We would rather that you got the full picture as clearly as possible.

Your best interests are always our number one priority

When you are ready to deal with a company that really only has your best interests at heart, give us a call. Many planners conduct a cursory analysis and offer you a fairly generic solution. It is an approach that does work at some levels, but it will never help you start to build real wealth.

We take a more comprehensive holistic approach – we understand that every person deserves a thorough analysis of their situation and a tailor-made solution.

Give us a call if you want to start things moving in the right direction from day one. We cannot promise that your split up will be easy, but we can make splitting the assets a lot simpler for you. At the end of the day, we understand how valuable your time is, and we won’t waste a second of it.

With your lawyer and us on your side, you have your own divorce dream team. Together we can help you to prevent the divorce becoming a total nightmare.

Secure your future and ensure that you fully understand the implications of the split before the divorce proceedings begin in earnest and you are assured of a much smoother transitional period.