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The Emotions of a Crisis

The Emotions of a Crisis

| September 06, 2017

We never truly think that a natural disaster is going to effect us until it does. When nature unleashes its full force upon us, there is little we can do. In seconds, everything you have can vanish in a torrent of violent weather. Coming to terms with this is a difficult process and can bring with it a lot of unknowns. It is in these times that our true natures can be found. Perseverance is the key. We wanted to cover some of the feelings, or emotions, you may experience in the aftermath of a natural disaster, as well as emotions as they are tied to financial or health situations and ways you can overcome the tragic event that has occurred.

When picking up the pieces after an event of horrific magnitude or any devastating event, it is quite common to feel completely lost. How does one even begin to rebuild when everything has been destroyed, or feels like it has? The cost it takes to fully rebuild a life is immeasurable and not everyone has the money to simply rebuild their homes. Items of significant emotional value cannot be replaced. In this time, the fear of the unknown can be all consuming.

Fear and uncertainty

A natural disaster puts everything on hold, so any plans you may have had for the future are now gone. If faced with a life altering event that will cause stress in a financial situation, such as a marriage or divorce, or even a horrible health status change.  The uncertainty in this time is natural, but at the same time, it is important to not allow this to consume you. In any situation, there is always hope. Making a plan of action can be a good way of starting the process of rebuilding. From your home to your financial situation, take stock of what you do have and go from there.

Anger and the blame game

Even when you do begin to rebuild, the anger of the event is still going to be present. Shock can quickly turn to anger. It is important to stay calm in these situations. You may have a burning rage that this has happened to you, or you may try to find something or someone to blame. But anger doesn’t achieve anything. Perseverance and determination does. Use your anger and channel it into something positive. In times of high emotion, anger can also sometimes be turned inward. You begin to question why it happened to you. This thinking can lead to states of depression. It is even more important, if this begins to happen, that you continue with your plan. Keeping busy and sticking to a goal will help you get through this angry period.

Moving forward

It is wise to seek counselling as well. People have gone through these events and there are professionals with experience who can give good advice. They can help you emotionally through these trying times. Eventually you will come out the other end. Acceptance is the aim here. All you can do in the face of disaster is to rebuild and learn from any mistakes. Moving forward is a difficult process, but with a plan of action, seeking a little emotional help and keeping a calm and positive attitude, any crisis you experience can be faced and overcome.

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