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The Financial Maximum Advantage Program

The financial M.A.P. is an important starting point for any successful financial strategy. It is important to define dangers and obstacles, and current strengths and opportunities which may offer you the best chance at financial success. The steps in the MAP process are outlined below.

The Value Assessment

Together we can determine if our certified financial planners can bring value to your financial situation. We can also determine which of our firms planners is best suited to work with your unique situation. If we both feel GPS can bring you value, we will discuss fees for any services we provide in the future.

The Discovery Process

We will help discover the information most important for your financial success given your particular situation. We will also talk about what money means to you and how you want it to impact your future and your future legacy.

The Clarity Breakthrough

We will analyze your situation and provide a real time appraisal of where you stand in relation to your goals and objectives. With this analysis you should have a more clear picture of where your strengths lie and what may be misaligned in your financial picture.

The Navigation Strategy

We will begin with explaining the different variety of solution that may work for your situation. Then we will provide you with a step by step strategy to address any gaps in your planning and build upon your strengths.

The M.A.P Implementation

Should you choose to continue to work with us, we will help guide you through the complex process of implementing our recommendations. We will also continue to follow up with you to make sure you are on track with implementing any pieces of the strategy we are not directly involved with.

The Guidance Advantage

We believe in supporting you on an on-going basis. GPS re-analyses clients investments on a quarterly basis to evaluate performance relative to their peer group. If we see necessary changes, we will communicate with you directly. If something is not working the way we expected - YOU WILL HEAR IT FROM US!

The Expansion Review

From time to time, we will evaluate the success of your M.A.P strategy, review changes in your life and update the strategy accordingly.